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eLearn Lessons helps improve reading comprehension while incorporating current events into your curriculum.

KTA Provides eLearn Lessons Free
to Select School Districts

eLearn Lessons

As a part of a pilot program for innovative educators, the K-12 Teachers Alliance provided free licensing to several Illinois schools and one in Columbia.

In Illinois, KTA allotted free licensing of eLearn Lessons to Thomas Kelly High School (Chicago), Rich South School District (Park Forest), Oak Lawn High School (Oak Lawn) and St. Joseph School (Bradley) for either six months or one year. Colegio Panamericana in Columbia was also granted a free 6-month trial to utilize as an instructional tool for their international student population.

In total, more than 2,300 students benefited from the use of this innovative learning technology thanks to KTA’s pilot program.

eLearn Lessons is an interactive learning technology aligned to the Common Core Standards and designed to engage students in the exploration of breaking national and international news events. KTA developed the web-based learning application that is easy for teachers and students to use and doesn’t require any additional software or hardware investments for schools.

"eLearn Lessons is a great way for you to have your students practice and improve their reading and test taking skills,” said Karen Smith of Oak Lawn High School. “I love to use it as an opening assignment for my students. It gets them talking about current events, and they enjoy debating with each other."

Educators are using eLearn Assignment in almost every U.S. state, along with teachers and classroom in Canada, Mexico, Columbia and India.

Using the eLearn Lessons web-based platform, teachers choose, customize, assign and auto-grade assignments with a few clicks of the mouse.

What Does eLearn Lessons Offer?

eLearn Lessons
  • Engages students using current world news
  • Meets Common Core State Standards & aligns to Curriculum Connection Index
  • Automatic grading
  • Low price per teacher
  • Easy to use technology in the classroom
  • Free teacher training provided

With these tools, participating schools saw the eLearn Lessons web application produce noticeable gains in students’ academic achievement.

"The flexibility of the website allows for individualized directions so teachers can target other important skills through the studying of current events such as vocabulary development and writing skills,” said Joseph Oswald of Thomas Kelly High School. "On the reading portion of the preliminary ACT, our students scored considerably higher from last year!"

While several school districts have benefited from the free semester using eLearn, KTA also invites any teacher to enroll for a 60-day eLearn Lessons Free Trial.


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