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K-12 Teachers Alliance Gets Social

KTA has joined social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest via TeachHUB.

The K-12 Teachers Alliance Gets Social

Since the beginning of education, teachers have used technology to enhance their lesson plans. A steady technological plumb line can be drawn all the way from early educators performing Shakespeare’s plays in class, to using films and recordings to enhance lesson plans, all the way to today’s use of “selfies” in class.

Teachers use technology to inspire and enhance their lessons. To help with that burgeoning need, 11 years ago, the K12 Teachers Alliance launched TeachHUB.com, a website written by teachers for teachers to create an online space where educators could connect, learn, and share ideas.

Today, TeachHUB.com reaches more than 6 million users per year, a staggering amount of traffic for a free website. From articles on classroom management and teaching strategies to ideas about field trips and school discipline, TeachHUB.com is a tremendous educational resource that is updated each weekday. Its companion e-publication, TeachHUB Magazine, offers up even more compelling content, including though-provoking multimedia podcasts.

The K-12 Teachers Alliance/TeachHUB community extends beyond TeachHUB’s own website, extending its community to popular social networking communities, reaching educators where they already congregate online. This social networking provides valuable opportunities to grow our community, share resources and engage with K-12 teachers.

TeachHUB Pinterest

One of the many "pins" on TeachHUB's Pinterest page. Pins link to great articles and ideas for educators to view and share.

Through our TeachHUB community, KTA now reaches:

Social networking with KTA and TeachHUB is much more than a numbers game, though. It has also afforded us the opportunity to really get to know some amazing educators.

For example, one avid member of the TeachHUB Facebook community, Myree Conway, was so enthused and creative with her teaching ideas that she began contributing helpful articles on TeachHUB. Myree is just one example of the many strong relationships with and among KTA members that was forged through the KTA social network.

Meanwhile, KTA’s social media capabilities and expertise have enhanced our well-known cohort programs. Our turnkey, original Facebook ads have raised the visibility for all our cohort schools through branding that utilizes a school’s existing marketing efforts. In 2018 alone we engaged over 172,000 teachers through social media targeting local cohort programs, district level meetings and student support webinars to bolster the interest in our local university partnerships.


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