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TeachHUB Celebrates 3-year Anniversary

TeachHUB brings teachers together to share their thoughts, advice, resources, and more.

KTA’s TeachHUB.com Celebrates 7-Year Anniversary

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TeachHUB.com will soon celebrate seven years of serving K-12 educators around the world.

TeachHUB.com is a free teaching companion resource provided by the K-12 Teachers Alliance. More than a great supplement to our graduate program offerings, TeachHUB offers its members valuable resources – from original and compelling articles, lesson plans, and professional development resources – that can continually help teachers evolve in their career.

Its affect on the teaching community has been resounding – now, TeachHUB welcomes more than 200,000 teachers per month. In keeping up with digital trends, TeachHUB now offers a free, monthly publication called TeachHUB Magazine – an on-the-go, award-winning e-magazine for our 21st century instructors.

The website, magazine, and social media channels tap into students' interests, while tying in required curriculum connections to help teachers foster student engagement.

Debra Notaro, an elementary math teacher from Massachusetts, said, "The educational articles are always interesting to me and provide info and sometimes validation of what I'm doing in class."

Not only is TeachHUB beneficial to teachers, it is also a lot of fun. "Checking out TeachHUB is always one of the highlights of my week!" said Nancy Peters, a 6th grade science teacher in Lincoln, Neb.

The true value of this teacher community is in the expertise, recommendations and resources that educators share with one another. As the TeachHUB community grows, so do the benefits provided to educator members and those visiting the site for the first time.

With seven years under their belts, the K-12 Teachers Alliance and TeachHUB team are excited to continue serving educators for years to come.


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