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K-12 Principal News

K-12 Principal News
Our Publication for K-12 Administrators

Our mission is to improve the classroom and learning experience of students by improving the lives, experience and careers of K-12 educators. We believe that the sharing of information, resources and ideas is the key to achieving this goal.

K-12 administrators are essential to this mission. That is why we have created resources specifically targeted to meet the needs of principals and superintendents. These include:

  • Free K-12 administrator tools and recommendations contributed by fellow administrators
  • In-school events for K-12 administrators, faculty, staff and K-12 students
  • Free weekly and monthly publications

K-12 Teacher Resources

The K-12 Alliance has created several departments, resources and online tools to efficiently deliver the vast array of services we provide to our K-12 educators.

At the core of these services are TeachHUB, Teacher ToolKit and eLearn Assignments. Each is designed to meet a specific need within the K-12 community.

Member Community

Since the founding of the K-12 Teachers Alliance, our members have been the driving force behind our organization. Their real world perspective has always helped define our path.


Members from Coast to Coast

At the K-12 Alliance, we are proud to have members across the entire country. This community of educators is the heart of our organization.

Learn more about our membership.

Graduate Scholarships

The K-12 Teachers Alliance provides scholarships to students attending our partner colleges and universities for graduate, certificate and doctoral degree programs.

Periodically, the K-12 Teachers Alliance will invite their membership to compete for additional 'Making a Difference' Scholarship opportunities.

Learn more about the K-12 Teachers Alliance graduate scholarships opportunities.

K-12 Teachers Alliance Scholarships

Grants and Funding Assistance

The K-12 Teachers Alliance offers a wide array of grants, gifts and other funding programs annually. Educators are invited to participate in these funding opportunities via our field and in-house representatives, our publications and our websites.

We also provide special opportunities to our members and participants during our in-school events. We hope to help you this year!

Grants and Funding Assistance


eLearnAssignments is online student research made easy. It is designed to improve reading comprehension while incorporating current events into your curriculum.

What makes it great:

  • Meets Common Core State Standards
  • Articles align to Curriculum Connection Index
  • Automatic grading
  • Low price per teacher
  • Engages students using current world news
  • Easy to use technology in the classroom

Visit www.eLearnAssignments.com to learn more.

TeachHUB - Our Teacher and Principal Resource Center

Perhaps our most powerful resource to date, our comprehensive website TeachHUB.com is visited by hundreds of thousands of K-12 educators monthly. It is loaded with free tools and resources for teachers, principals and administrators. Much of this content is contributed by fellow K-12 educators on a daily basis.

We are K-12 educators helping educators.

Visit www.TeachHUB.com today.

Our Publications

Our Publications

The K-12 Teachers Alliance produces weekly, monthly and quarterly publications. Each is designed to inform different groups within our membership, providing articles, ideas, tools and resources, which are often contributed by fellow K-12 educators. Our publications also include reviews of K-12 education websites and books.

We are proud to produce publications that provide current, important information to the K-12 community. Download and enjoy our current publications for free today.

Today's K-12 Educator

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Real Teacher Times

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K-12 Principal News

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Our Representatives

Our representatives' sole purpose is to understand your exact needs and how we may best serve you. This level of understanding allows us to provide real solutions to individual challenges. Our representatives are trained to listen, understand, and act on your needs. You will always find us courteous, patient, and helpful.

This is our cornerstone. We pride ourselves on the personal relationships we build everyday with our members in the K-12 community, and the sharing of resources. From graduate scholarships and grants, to in-school events, to teaching tools and timely discussions, to the thousands of resources at our fingertips - our professionals will do everything in their power to help you.

We are available in-person, via telephone or email. If you would like to arrange a time to meet, a representative is available to visit you at your school.

Our Commitment to Excellence

Commitment to Excellence

The K-12 Teachers Alliance seeks only the highest quality resources and solutions for our K-12 educators. We are committed to excellence on behalf of our K-12 membership and community.

Each of our services, recommendations and partnerships are carefully considered. All contributions from membership are scrutinized for their integrity and value.

We are steadfast in our pursuit of superior solutions on your behalf.

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