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eLearn is a new instructional technology designed to engage students in real-world, digital learning experiences that improve their higher order thinking skills. eLearn is
an advanced learning technology that incorporates time-saving features for teachers and
state-of-the-art learning experiences for students. Lessons, called NewsQwests, are
delivered daily to teachers online, ready for instant assignment right from their classroom computers. NewsQwests provide a whole new dimension of teaching and learning flexibility with these exceptional benefits:

For Teachers

• Referenced to nationally recognized content standards

• Customizable to specific curriculum objectives and particular ability levels

• Instantly assignable to individual students (as well as to small groups or whole classes)
and effective for differentiating instruction

• Automatic scoring of students’ work and tracking of grades

For Students

• An inviting gateway to real-world learning

• Safe, focused use of Internet resources to answer news-based questions

• Engaging news content that motivates students to read

• Integrated discussion board that enhances communication skills

• Computer-based learning experiences that capitalize on the enthusiasm of today's
students for all things digital

For Schools

• Simple set-up system

• No additional hardware or software required

• Any needed tech training immediately available at no charge

• A paperless system that saves your school money in materials and supplies

• No school or district server space required

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