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"I would like you to know how much St. Joseph Schools Junior High students are enjoying the E-Learn lessons. I met with 15 seventh graders to ask them about eLearn to see if they thought it was a program we should bring into the curriculum for next year. The students were very interested in eLearn and said, without hesitation, to be sure and get it for them next year."

"I asked them why it would be worth it. They like the updated current event news that the teacher assigns them on a regular basis. They like the interest level of the articles. They can see the assessment returns immediately, and they often check their mistakes because they want to know the right answer. They get to make choices on which article to read because of the way the teacher assigns the lessons."

"The teacher is very excited about the current events because they are current. (In the past, the events were never the "Live" news of the day or week). The teacher found it easy to set up the program and to continue to keep it ready for the class. The immediate access for the assessments is very beneficial and time saving. The alignment to the State Standards helps in the planning for the lesson. It assures her that the Standard Goals are being met."

"As principal, I find it delightful when I hear a group of junior high students speak with excitement about any learning that takes place in their classrooms. It is really a technology program that integrates social studies learning to the level of the student. The access to the class work, grades, and lessons are always an asset for a principal."

"My wish is that E-Learn continue to expand themselves into the total integration of the curriculum."

Sr. Mary Ann Hettle
St. Joseph School

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