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K-12 Teachers Alliance TeachHUB Graduate Scholarship Awards

Margret McEvoy received a $10,000 scholarship from KTA's "Making a Difference" Scholarship program.

K-12 Teachers Alliance TeachHUB Graduate Scholarship Awards

Isn't it about time that teachers were rewarded for making a difference in their students' lives?

To recognize and reward the amazing effort and achievements of teachers, the K-12 Teachers Alliance created the TeachHUB “Making a Difference” Scholarship Program.

TeachHUB Making a Difference Scholarship

The TeachHUB "Making a Difference" Scholarship

The TeachHUB "Making a Difference" Scholarship Program kicked off with an essay competition granting 8 recipients $21,000 in scholarship awards to KTA members who began a Concordia University Chicago graduate degree program.

Throughout the year, the K-12 Teachers Alliance invited their membership to compete for additional “Making a Difference” Scholarship opportunities through each of its university partners. A total of $70,000 was distributed to KTA members throughout the country.

The scholarship is NOT based on previous academic achievement or financial need. Simply, applicants had to submit an essay explaining how they intend to use their degree to make a difference in the lives of their students.

KTA invited ALL applicants and enrolled students for the Concordia University Chicago Graduate Education Programs to apply for the TeachHUB "Making a Difference" Scholarship.

A total of $21,000 in scholarships were awarded to 8 winners whose submitted essays stand out from the crowd. Congratulations to Margret McEvoy, Jessica Greenberg, Rachel Sickler, Glen Schneider, Ella Stone, Chris Pietroski, Michael Horton and Jane York.

Scholarship Award Totals

  • One award of $10,000
  • One award of $5,000
  • Six awards of $1,000

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