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KTA Partners with NEA

The NEA Teacher Tool Kit accurately tracks student achievement.

K-12 Teachers Alliance Partners with NEA to Provide Teacher Tool Kit

The National Education Association and Progressive Education Corporation, an affiliate of the K-12 Teachers Alliance, have developed a learning management system that teachers are sure to love.

The NEA Teacher Tool Kit provides a comprehensive resource for educators to complete their day-to-day lesson-planning and grading as they track education goals and student performance in accordance with curriculum standards. The tools take into account all student needs, including students who require Individualized Education Programs.

NEA Teacher Tool Kit Benefits

  • Ability to review assessment results and prepare lesson plans electronically
  • Access to real-time data on student performance allowing them to use data to drive instruction and design interventions
  • Manage the full instructional process
  • Utilize the resource section for proven instructional/learning tools
  • Identify what works and what doesn’t
  • Flexible design features to ensure alignment of curriculum to standards
  • Manage tools and content from a variety of resources
  • Encourage collaboration and sharing of resources
  • Promote and positively impact student achievement

The web-based system offers an answer to the eternal question facing modern educators: how do we accurately track student achievement?

The multi-faceted online resource identifies learning gaps throughout the school year, monitors progress toward standards mastery and provides tools to assist in planning for the individual needs of students.

By specifically connecting these standards to everyday classroom performance, the NEA Teacher Tool Kit succeeds where standardized testing fails. These tools afford teachers the ability to teach standards and track student progress in mastering those standards without "teaching to the test."

As we considered investing in Progress Education Corporation, NEA’s Teacher Tool Kit played a major role in our decision-making," said KTA Chief Operation Officer Bruce Ranney. "The Tool Kit will be tremendous resource for educators both in the classroom and in educational leadership positions."

KTA is pleased to be in a position to provide resources and funding to the 3.2 million members of the National Education Association. Because the K-12 Teachers Alliance is not a union, there is no conflict in working with the organization and bringing the Teacher Tool Kit to this vast group of educators.

NEA Teacher Tool Kit Resources

Classroom Tools

Classroom Tools

Educators can develop IEPs to set goals, track student progress & create reports.

  • Manage class roster, contact and demographic information
  • Take attendance
  • Log behavior
  • Record Interventions
  • Document exemplary or disciplinary behavior
  • Generate reports for parents, other teachers and administrators

IEP Tools

  • Develop IEP’s using a wizard that guide you through the process
  • Use the predefined bank of goals personalized to the specific needs of the student
  • Track progress on student’s goals and objectives
  • Generate reports that identify key compliance dates for the IEP
  • Show a student’s progress on IEP goals and objectives

Curriculum Tools

  • Integrates state standards, curriculum and exemplars
  • Facilitates alignment of instruction practices
  • Create a repository of national, state and classroom instructional resources aligned to district learning objectives

Assessment Tools

  • Immediately access assessment items aligned to standards that aid in the design of the instructional process
Classroom Tools

Educators can view reports to analyze student performance and monitor progress.

Gradebook Tools

  • Create assignments aligned to standards and grade these assignments using a standards-based or traditional grading format

Performance Tools

  • Access a variety of real-time reports
  • Analyze performance for individual students and/or groups of students for diagnostic purposes
  • Aggregate or disaggregate data by using filter queries of teacher’s choice
  • View real-time data to determine how the student is doing relative to any standard and longitudinally
  • Monitor progress by subgroup and provide help in specific skills as they relate to the standards


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